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Our eponymous niwa (gardens)

Our eponymous niwa (gardens)

Our quartet of gardens present comfortable, relaxing spaces where nature and our hotel harmonize in a way that is unique to Japan, a country that has nurtured its own culture while remaining close to nature since long ago.
Each garden is designed to allow visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons through their eyes, ears, and nose, and to encounter lovely, expressive scenery with seasonal plants and trees budding, blooming, and changing colors throughout the year.

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    A grove with flowing water

    When you follow the stone walkway leading from the side of the hotel entrance to YUKURI, you can find the lush of our green courtyard with flowing water. Here, nature celebrates the passage of the seasons -- sheltering the Earth beneath its cool, green canopy.

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    Zen Terrace

    The beauty of stone arrangements that soothes the soul

    Zen Terrace is a unique space containing Karesansui-style Japanese garden and wooden deck with modern furniture, which adjoins Function Room SAN.

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    Lounge Terrace

    An elegant garden-centered space

    Lounge Terrace is a cozy sanctuary adjoining Refresh Lounge, where you can enjoy the harmony of the garden view and the sound of flowing water.

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    Rooftop Terrace

    A panoramic city view beyond the greenery

    Freely enjoy the panoramic view of Tokyo city center while sitting on the black granite stones in this liberating space on the top floor of the hotel.

For safety of international health standard.
GBAC Star™ Facility Accreditation.
For safety of international health standard.
GBAC Star™ Facility Accreditation.