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  • Adoption of green electricity

    Adoption of green electricity

    With CO2 Zero Plan* our hotel is powered by green electricity from renewable sources that reduce CO2 emissions.
    * CO2 Zero Plan enforces to use non-fossil derived renewable energy to achieve virtually 100% renewable energy and zero CO2 emissions. Electric power is provided by NF Power Service Co Ltd, an affiliate company, enabling us to stably achieve zero CO2 emissions.

  • Use of LED light bulbs

    Use of LED light bulbs

    All public spaces and guest rooms are equipped with LED bulbs.

  • Curbing water consumption

    Curbing water consumption

    In addition to the introduction of an Eco Friendly card "no need to change linens," we have adopted a water-saving shower head in the bathroom and a water level (appropriate amount of hot water) displayed on the bathtub to conserve water.

  • Deplasticization


    Aiming to eliminate plastics, we are taking actions such as eliminating small packaging for bath amenities and installed a free water server on the 3rd floor. And adopted paper straws in our restaurants and mineral water packed in 100% recycle bottle in the guest rooms.

  • Food mile

    Food mile

    We actively use the local ingredients.


  • Ruse of waste things

    Ruse of waste things

    We reuse paper, glass, plastic waste, and food waste from restaurants.

  • Preferential use of reternal bottles

    Restaurants give priority to the use of returnable bottles.

  • Reduction of water consumption

    Reduction of water consumption

    Flowing water from the garden is circulated to reduce water consumption.


  • Installation of sorting bins

    Installation of sorting bins

    All rooms are equipped with garbage cans for separation.

  • Recycled Glass Lighting

    Recycled Glass Lighting

    The lighting at front desk using "Hotaru Glass" made from recycled fluorescent tube glass by environmental artist Ikuzo Fujiwara.


  • Biomass plastic bath amenities

    Biomass plastic bath amenities

    All guest rooms are equipped with environmentally friendly biomass material amenities made from rice husks.