A hotel for a spontaneous break

Enjoy our charming seasonal gardens,
comfortable and relaxing facilities,
and the harmony of nature with our beautiful interior.
These qualities, which have been incorporated into every aspect of the hotel,
will soothe the fatigue from your travels and enrich your experience.
Take a spontaneous break from your hectic daily life here at Hotel Niwa Tokyo.

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庭のホテルについて イメージ03


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宿泊のご案内 イメージ02
宿泊のご案内 イメージ03
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Experience the soothing atmosphere of Japanese design through the soft light pouring through the washi paper of shoji screens and the warmth of wooden interior.


  • ダイニング 流
  • 日本料理 縁


Enjoy your meals at our two restuarants, serving casual French and authentic Japanese cuisine, situated on each end of the courtyard, while gazing at the beautiful scenery.

  • ダイニング 流
    Dining LIEU
  • 日本料理 縁
    Japanese Cuisine YUKURI



Our commitment to the global environment01

We actively implement various initiatives to protect the environment together with our customers.

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